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The target rate bellsouth webmail is maintained for a ple platoweb  certain period of time using open market operations. Typically the duration that the interest rate target is kept constant will vary between months and years. Interest rate target is usually reviewed monthly or quarterly basis by a policy committee. ple platoweb
Changes in the interest rate target are made in response to various market indicators in an effort to predict economic trends and thus the market remains on track to achieve the inflation target. For example, one simple method of inflation targeting called the Taylor rule adjusts the interest rate in response to changes in the rate of inflation and the output gap. Rules proposed by John B. Taylor of Stanford University. Inflation targeting approach to monetary policy approach was pioneered in New Zealand. It is currently used in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, the Philippines, Poland, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Price Level Targeting
Price-level targeting is similar to inflation targeting except that CPI growth in one year above or below the target level of long-term price is offset in subsequent years so that the targeted price levels achieved over time, for example five years, provide more certainty on future price increases to consumers. In the inflation targeting what happened in recent years is not immediately taken into account or adapted in the current year and the future.

Monetary aggregates
In the 1980s, some countries use an approach that is based on constant growth in the money supply. This approach was filtered to incorporate different classes of money and credit (M0, M1 etc). In the USA this approach to monetary policy was stopped with the selection of Alan Greenspan as Fed chairman. This approach is also sometimes called monetarism. While most monetary policy focuses on price signals one form or another, this approach is focused on monetary amount.
Exchange Rates Remain
This policy is based on maintaining a fixed exchange rate with foreign currencies. There are varying degrees of fixed exchange rates, which can be ranked in relation to how rigid the fixed exchange rate is with the anchor nation.
Local government or monetary authority stating a fixed exchange rate but does not actively buy or sell currency to maintain the level. In contrast, the rate imposed by the convertibility measures-non (eg capital controls, import / export license, etc). In this case there is a black market exchange rate of currency trading where the market / value is not official.